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Nieman Fellow & South African Journalist Appointed Visiting Assistant Professor & Knight Chair

Awarded a Nieman Fellowship for Journalism at Harvard in 2012, Tromp, a multimedia journalist, has reported on the fast-changing face of Africa, from the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the civil war in Sudan, to the formation of the African Union and the first free elections in the Congo.

The Center begins Spring Semester with New Projects

This spring, the The Center will partner with School of Communication Strategic Communication Assistant Professor Dr. Sunny Tsai and Communication Studies Associate Professor Dr. Victoria Orrego on two separate projects in South Africa and Guatemala respectively.

The Center Hosts On Cities Virtual Event

Innovators, Forward-Thinkers, and Citizen Across the Globe Take Part in International Virtual Gathering to Discuss the Challenges of City Life and the Cities of Tomorrow

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Researcher Spotlight

In August 2013, Interactive Media professors Clay Ewing and Lien Tran traveled to Accra funded by a School of Communication Center for Communication, Culture and Change Faculty Grant to apply the power of crowdsourcing to Ghana’s municipal water challenge. Working in collaboration with Justin Stoler, also from the University of Miami, as well as Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) officials, they created a new, mobile-based tool to track residential water service. The system, Improving Quality of Urban Water Service by Engaging SMS Technology or IQUEST for short, harnesses the power of short message service (SMS) on users’ cell phones. By collecting data from residents, GWCL management is able to monitor water quality trends across the region.