1H2O.org extended video contest through Aug. 15

The Knight Center for International Media and ITVS International have extended the deadline for the first in a series of video contests as part of the 1H2O-Campaign 2009, launched on World Water Day to encourage discussion and awareness of water issues around the world.

The first contest, One Take, is a video monologue, recorded in any language.

Contestants must answer in less than two minutes, "Is access to clean, safe water for drinking a basic human right? Why? Why not?"

The entire monologue should be one continuous take with no edits and/or visual or graphic overlays.

"We are trying to reach the maximum number of people around the world and urging them to articulate their thoughts about these very important issues," said Sanjeev Chatterjee, Knight Center's executive director.

Applicants will be required to fill in an online form with a transcript of their monologue. The video can be submitted to 1H2O.org in several standard formats.

There will be two prizes awarded by a distinguished jury, who will be selected by the 1H2O team among prominent figures in the media industry, journalism education and students of media.

The first prize for the best monologue is US $500, and the second best US $300. There will also be a third prize of US $300 for the qualifying entry that gets translated into the most number of languages using the "dotSUB" functionality.

Entries will be judged by five criteria:

1. Clarity of sound and picture — The audio and images do not need to be of broadcast quality, but are they clean and clear?
2. Quality of writing — Are the facts verifiable and written in a compelling way?
3. On-camera delivery — Is the on-camera performance effortless and convincing?
4. Passion/Conviction of ideas — Is the delivery of the ideas believable? Does it inspire the viewers?
5. Innovation — Is the video creatively executed? Are the creative risks effective?

For an example, please visit "One Take" by Anthony Wojtkowiak.

1H2O 2.O: Online Video Competition will start accepting entries on April 15, 2009. This first contest will run through August 15, and prizes will be announced on Sept. 30.

Updated on June 11, 2009