New documentary will focus on child abuse in Africa through the eyes of photographer Mariella Furrer

School of Communication faculty members Jim Virga and Ed Talavera traveled to South Africa recently to follow the work of photojournalist Mariella Furrer. Furrer, whose work has appeared in many of the major publications around the world, dedicated the last six years of her life to create a compelling body of work addressing the pressing issue of child abuse.

During their ten day shoot, the filmmakers followed Furrer at work in Johannesburg and Cape Town to document her interactions with health care professionals, law enforcement officers, social workers and victims of abuse. "Her project includes photography, interviews and artwork from the children. I do not believe there has ever been a project of this kind on this subject matter. The work Mariella is producing will give people a lot to think about," said Virga. The protection of children against abuse, exploitation and violence is a stated Millennium Development Goal. It is "aimed to create a world fit for children, one in which all children get the best possible start in life," according to the United Nations Children and the Millennium Development Goals, and the Knight Center is working towards developing this effort into a future anchor project focused on children's health and well being.