Newspaper of the Future

TAB, a “newspaper of the future” prototype created by eminent photojournalist Maggie Steber and University of Miami students last fall, continues to draw recognition to this day.

Both Steber and TAB were recently featured on Mario García’s blog.  Garcia, considered a guru oneffective communication and mainstream media redesign, has listed several pages of the prototype and added personal comments to each.

“I find it refreshing that a group of university students, given the task to create the newspaper of the future, still worked on a printed daily,” he wrote.

Steber is honored by the reference.  “Many people read this blog, and this encourages more discussion and maybe even some action,” she said.

Steber, who has worked as a documentary photographer in more than 50 countries, was selected as the first Resident Professional at the Knight Center for International Media to develop the class project and design TAB with students at the School of Communication.

“I was very excited and proud at how involved the students were and how smart they were,” she said. “Traditional newspapers and longtime newspaper people are reluctant to let go of old ideas, safe ideas that seem like old friends.  [It is] time to make some drastic changes.  No time like the present.”